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As some of you may be aware Bullseye Glass have suspended production of certain glass styles. It has become apparent over the last few days that panic buying has broken out. We are therefore taking the step of auditing all orders we receive on a case by case basis and will be limiting purchases of the affected colours, any orders blatantly hoarding will be rejected. Over the past few years we have built up our stock levels to carry enough glass that should last us a year of normal activity to compensate for the up’s and down’s in trends and to cover when the factory is out of stock when we order, and to try to ensure our customers get what they want when ordering from us at any time.

Our main reason for taking this action is to protect our regular customers, and to try to keep everyone to their normal activity to ensure a fair share to everyone. We have ended all affected full and half sheets on the website for the moment and the 24’s are at a low level but will be built up again after this statement has been sent, hopefully once everyone understands this it will stop the stock being stripped as we update levels. As of this moment we have no other information other that the following release from Bullseye which shows the affected products.

Dear Yvette and Craig, 

As you may have heard, we have suspended producing glasses with cadmium and arsenic.  

We just learned of a recent report from Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). In 2015, the DEQ performed air monitoring tests in a parking lot near Bullseye Glass. On February 1, 2016, staff from the DEQ shared some test results with Bullseye. It was newly discovered that there were higher levels of arsenic and cadmium in the parking lot than in some other areas of the city. Additional samples were taken from different sites, but all the analysis for these other locations is not complete yet. 

We have engaged an environmental consulting firm to help us evaluate the data and conduct further testing and monitoring. Based on what we learn, although we are in full compliance with our air permit, Bullseye will take additional action based on any new findings that show corrective action is warranted. 

While the DEQ has not required any action on our part, we decided to take action on our own, and  suspended the use of cadmium and arsenic. 

The owners and employees of Bullseye Glass care about the environment and our neighborhood and take this matter seriously. We will be releasing more information via our website as soon as it becomes available to us. 

For now, production on the following styles has been suspended (sheet, frit, stringer, etc). If you would like to purchase any of these styles, there is a limit of 5 pieces, per style, per month. Please let me know if you have questions. 

Production on these styles have been suspended:

0024   Tomato Red
0025   Tangerine Orange
0120   Canary Yellow
0124   Red
0125   Orange
0126   Spring Green
0203   Woodland Brown
0220   Sunflower Yellow
0224   Deep Red
0225   Pimento Red
0227   Golden Green
0309   Cinnabar
0310   Umber
0320   Marigold Yellow
0321   Pumpkin Orange
0329   Burnt Orange
0334   Gold Purple
0337   Butterscotch
1022   Red-Orange (rod)
1025   Light Orange Striker
1119   Sienna
1120   Yellow
1122   Red
1125   Orange
1126   Chartreuse
1320   Marigold Yellow
1321   Carnelian
1322   Garnet Red
2020   Clear, Sunflower Yellow Opal
2024   Clear, Red Opal
2026   Clear, Spring Green Opal
2121   Yellow Opal, Deep Forest Green
2123   White Opal, Orange Opal
2124   Red Opal, White Opal
2125   Yellow, Red Striker
3123   White Opal, Orange Opal, Dp. Forest Green
3203   Woodland Brown Opal, Ivory & Black, Soft Rip
4011   AUTUMN: Orange, Yellow and Red on White
4111   AUTUMN: Orange, Yellow and Red on Clear
4112   SUMMER: Green and Yellow on Clear
4424   Red Chopstix
4211   Red, Orange, and Yellow Frit, Orange Streamers
4212   Dark Green, Spring Green, and Yellow Frit, Spring Green Streamers
4220   Canary and Sunflower yellow Frit, Sunflower Yellow Streamers
4223   Yellow, Blue, and Red Frit, Blue Streamers
4224   Red Frit, Red Streamers


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