Bullseye Silver Foil Sheet - 24x24cm

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This silver foil sheet measures 24cm x 24cm. This is a great way to add decorative elements to the surface or interior of your fused glass projects.

It is 98% pure silver and is very thin - 2 microns thick

It can be cut with scissors and can be placed on the top of your work or fused between 2 sheets of glass. As it is very delicate it is best to hold it between 2 sheets of paper when cutting. Also due to the fragility of there may be small tears along the edge. The silver foil will often split during firing which can create interesting effects.


Silver reacts with Sulphur bearing glasses and causes interesting reactions with colours such as Red Opal and French Vanilla. It may also react with Clear 1101 so is best used with Crystal Clear 1401.

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Please Note: When firing silver foil in the kiln, be aware that the silver reaction can travel across the glass surface and onto the kiln shelf, potentially affecting silver-sensitive glasses in one or more subsequent firings. This can happen even when new shelf release (paper or primer) is applied to the kiln shelf. When fired between layers, silver is generally more contained and less likely to affect the firing surface.

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