Bullseye 'Tops & Tails' Rolled Glass Edges 90coe

Bullseye 'Tops & Tails' Rolled Glass Edges 90coe

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These glass packs contain a varied selection of the hand rolled edges from 90coe Bullseye Sheet glass.

The pieces are perfect for jewellery making, landscapes and incorporating into larger fused glass projects.

Each pack will vary and may contain a mixture of 2mm and 3mm glass.

Each pack will contain at least 250g of glass and pieces may vary from 3mm to 3cm wide and are 12cm long.

Packs may also contain 'Striker' glasses which can change colour greatly when fused, always test a small piece before using in a large project.

They are available in a choice of either Opal, Transparent, Streaky or Iridescent. Sizes are approximate, colours will vary depending on availability.

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