3mm Glass - Light Pink Striker Transparent Irid (1215-31)

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This Bullseye fusible glass sheet is double rolled and compatible with all other Bullseye 90coe glass.

Iridescent glass features a beautiful metallic rainbow coating which is permanent at full fuse temperatures.

Some gold-bearing striking glasses like this one should be fired with a 2 hour hold at 1225°F during the initial stages of the firing cycle. If fired without this hold they may not strike at all, or they may strike but appear spotty and have a blue-brown cast, as opposed to the desired target colour.

This full fuse schedule effectively strikes these glasses:

Rate      Temp      Hold
  *          1225      2.00
 600       1490      0.10
9999       900         **

*  The initial rate of heat is not a critical factor in successfully striking gold-bearing glasses. Choose an intial rate of heat appropriate to the scale and design of the project that you are firing.

**  The remainder of the cycle depends on the thickness of the piece. Consult the Bullseye Annealing Chart.

About Irid Coatings
Iridescent coatings may vary in appearance from edge to edge and from sheet to sheet. For example the Rainbow Iridescent coatings on a full 89cmx50cm sheet may appear on approximately two thirds of the surface. This is generally down the centre of the sheet and the edges are predominately only silver or gold hues. Therefore when buying small pieces such as 12cm x 12cm they may have only the gold or silver coating rather than the rainbow coating, depending on whereabouts from the sheet they have been cut.

Iridescent coatings are food safe and permanent at full fuse temperatures.

Bullseye glass is a handmade product and colours may vary slightly between production runs. Some colours may change slightly upon repeated firing or with extensive heatwork. It is recommended that you test glasses before use under your specific firing conditions.



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