3mm Glass - Neo-Lavender Shift Transparent (1442-30)

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This Bullseye fusible glass sheet is double rolled and compatible with all other Bullseye 90coe glass.

The picture shows what you can expect from your Bullseye sheet glass colours before and after heatwork in the kiln. Please note colour shades may vary depending on your web browser.

The top row shows the unfired cold glass colour. For stained glass, refer to the top row.
The same glass after firing to a full fuse is shown directly below the cold glass. For kilnformed glass, refer to the bottom row.

Cold characteristics - Colour variations from pink to blue depending on light in which viewed: natural, incandescent, or fluorescent.
Working Notes - Hues of shift colours change depending on thickness and/or lighting, regardless of whether they have been fired or not. When fused over other colours, (e.g., red, orange), may tend to deepen or brighten them.

Bullseye glass is a handmade product and colours may vary slightly between production runs. Some colours may change slightly upon repeated firing or with extensive heatwork. It is recommended that you test glasses before use under your specific firing conditions.


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