Bullseye Chopped Cane Pieces - Mississippi Mud Pie - 25g

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Bullseye Chopped Cane Slices - Mississippi Mud Pie - 25g

These decorative Cane slices have been made from Bullseye 90coe fusing glass in our studio.

New colours and variations will be added as they are made, but they will only be available while stocks last and some colours may only be produced once.

These have been made with a selection of Woodland Brown, French Vanilla, Black and Medium Amber. These look particularly good fused on clear and then viewed from underneath.

Each length of cane that we pull varies slightly from the one before so the pieces will vary in design.

Photos show examples of them fused onto Clear Glass, White glass and as globs and viewed from underneath.

Use them to add interesting and unique elements to your fused glass designs.

The pieces may vary greatly in size from 2mm wide by 1mm thick, to 10mm wide by 10mm thick.

The pieces are supplied in a clear grip seal bag.


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