The Eurofuser

The Eurofuser

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The Eurofuser had almost 2 years of on-site testing before being released by Kilncare.
The result is an ultra-reliable, one off kiln size that slots directly in below the renowned FK range of fusing and slumping kilns.
A kiln that is designed for European sales and as such is matched much closer to European fusing kilns rather than the higher specification FK range.

The kiln is made with identical products as the ever proven FK range but with a few noticable changes. The Eurofuser features are.

Features include

  • Quartz tube, Kanthal A1 "infra-red" element technology
  • Side ventilation with "anti-dust" stainless flaps.
  • Kilncare's unique breathing Stainless Steel slatted roof.
  • Recessed floor.
  • Replaceable, low density brick floor.
  • Gas Strut lid lift assistance.
  • Ultra-fast response Inconel thermocouple.
  • Default control KRC16 (16 programs with 9 segments in each).
  • pre-set but resettable glass programs.
  • Low level electrics to ensure cool running and long life
  • Oven baked, powder coating.
  • Lockable castors.
  • Can be used single phase or 3 phase and neutral.
  • Can be split for tight access into workshops or studios.
  • British designed and built.
  • 36 month guarantee on ALL parts including the element system.
  • CE.

Supplied with 2 kiln shelves at 480x740mm and shelf props.

The kiln is heated with a Quartz tube element system in the roof. Other manufacturers refer to this style of heating as Infra-red. The quality of our system is such that we are still yet to replace a single element through failure, in any Eurofuser, in the six years since the kilns introduction.

The floor on the Eurofuser is recessed by 40mm and is made from high grade refractory brick and the kiln is on castors as standard.


A few of the higher specification features of the FK are missing such as the roof vent flaps and independent heatfuse but this merely makes the Eurofuser in-line with the competition. What it does mean is that you get a bigger kiln for the money.

Features that still remain though are the unique stainless steel roof, the sprung front vent flaps, ability to split for narrow access, the same non-ceramic fibre composition.

The kiln is fitted as standard with the KRC16 controller, which offers 16 adjustable programs with 9 segments in each program. Each segment is a heat/cool rate, a target temperature and a hold. The controller features an in built heat fuse to protect against over firing.
Full digital display, power used, forward segment feature, pause button are all in the controller.

Internal Size w x d x h  1000mm x 800mm x 300mm
External Size   1380mm x 1300mm x 1240mm
Power    10 KW

Supply Voltage    Single or Three Phase and Neutral
Maximum Temperature    960c

Eurofusers are fired to 750c with the chosen programmer before despatch to ensure perfect operation, callibration and removal of most of the binder vapours that are released by all kilns on the first firing.

Most of all, The Eurofuser is a Kilncare built kiln and as such offers unrivalled reliability, quality and after sales service.

The kiln is covered by Kilncare 36 months guarantee on ALL parts including the elements.


Free Delivery to the UK mainland only. Delivery is to the property only, you will need to consider that you will need to position the kiln yourself and have the electrical connection done by a qualified electrican.


For any enquires about this kiln please phone 01268 560314 and ask for Craig.


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