Eco Fibre Paper Sheets (10x10cm)

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Eco fibre paper works exactly the same way as standard ceramic fibre paper but feels less fibrous with fewer sharp 'prickles'. It cuts easily and cleanly with scissors or a knife.

After firing the fibres have little strength, becoming 'fluffy' without changing shape. The fluffy nature of the Eco fibre paper means there is almost no dust, meaning less dust in the atmosphere and making the clean up easy.

The amount of ceramic fibre in the Eco fibre paper is very much smaller than standard ceramic fibre paper making it more healthy to use.

This is a one use paper and for a perfectly smooth bottom on your glass, should be used with a piece of thinfire paper between the fibre paper and your glass.

It can also be used for creating bas-relief texture and design in your work, simply cut to shape and place under your glass before fusing.

Ideal also for creating jewellery - cut into thin strips and place between two pieces of glass to create preformed holes that run through your glass

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