Fibre Paper Shape - Heart with Wings

Fibre Paper Shape - Heart with Wings

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Heart with Wings

This pre-cut fibre paper shape makes it quick and easy for you to do kilncarving with more intricate designs than you could easily cut by hand.

The design has been cut from a piece of 3mm Eco Fibre paper which is approx 14cm x 15cm. You will receive both the positive and negative for the design, you will just need to carefully push the design out. There may be a few black pieces of foam from the cutting machine on the fibre paper but these will just brush off.

Then simply lay the fibre paper shape straight onto your kiln shelf and place 6mm of transparent glass on top, making sure your glass is least 10mm bigger than the shape, and do a full fuse. You can use 2 x 3mm sheets of glass or a prefused 6mm piece. Prefusing the 2 sheets of glass first will reduce the bubbles that form around the shape. Lighter transparent shades work better than darker ones.

The negative piece of fibre paper can also be used, some designs lend themselves to this more than others but why not cut some more features into it or add some extra pieces of fibre paper, the only limit is your imagination.

If you plan on slumping the piece afterwards then leave the fibre paper in place until after you have slumped it. Fibre paper does leave a slightly rough finish on the back of the glass but brushing the fibre paper design first with some powdered kiln wash will give a smoother finish.

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