Blue Ice Glassline Pen - 2oz Bottle

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Glassline Pens are used as a lining and shading material for glass. They are simple in design, easy to use, and can be thinned with water.

Glassline colours can be applied between multiple layers of glass or on the top surface for a complex dimensional look. The bottle should be well shaken before use, or stirred with a stick.

They can be used straight from the bottle but a metal tip set is recommended for fine line drawings on glass. They can also be poured from the bottle and used with a paintbrush.

Glassline colours may be sprayed to achieve subtle shading variations on glass but will need to be thinned down with water. When dry, areas of the Glassline can be scratched off to reveal the glass below. 

For best results "tack fuse" individual sheets of glass before stacking your full fuse. Glassline colours can be fired to 815 degrees C, but may be fired lower or higher depending upon desired results. When fired at lower temperatures such as a tack fuse they are more likely to have a matt finish. A fine sprinkling of crystal clear powder frit over the glassline can help keep the glossy look on a tack fuse.

When doing thick lines it is better to do several thin layers and let them dry in between coats, this will help prevent the paint cracking. When it is dry hold it up to the light and look from the back to see any missed or lighter areas.

They are compatible with most types of glass including Float, Bullseye, 90Coe and 96Coe.

Glassline products are lead free and food safe when fired.

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