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Pro Fuser

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  • 850mm x 510mm x 200mm.
  • 6kw single phase or three phase and neutral.
  • 960c maximum temperature
  • Quartz tube "infra-red" heating system.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • lid lift assist.
  • KCR16 digital programer with 16 programs.
  • Fast react thermocouple.
  • Non ceramic fibre lid section.
  • Light weight refractory brick base.
  • Flat floor with no recess.
  • Astonishing performance.
  • Fast cooling.
  • Large vent/spy hole with spring return, anti dust flap.
  • Three years guarantee on ALL parts INCLUDING the elements.
  • Built and designed by Kilncare in the U.K.


The Pro-fuser has fantastic performance. Due to its high performance, infra-red quartz elements and well designed insulation, like the Hobbyfuser 3, the Pro-fuser will also make the all important 700c to 800c dash at a rate of nearly 450 degrees per hour even with the optional shelf installed.

This makes the Pro-fuser almost infinitely controlable ensuring the glass doesn't get "over-worked" by it being in the heat longer than is required.


undefined  Stainless Steel lid assist springs.


The lifting and closing of the lid is assisted by a pair of specifically manufactured and designed Stainless Steel coil springs at the rear of the kiln.


The kiln lid is made from stainless steel and lined out with non-ceramic fibre,  This method of insulation removes the danger of brick dust or particles dropping onto the glass, so making for a very clean firing environment. It also makes the Pro-fuser incredibly resistant to shock damage.
This lid construction enables the Pro-fuser to hold back the heat when needed but still release heat rapidly during the all important cooldown period.


undefined  Angled vent/spy hole with spring assist.

The front of the kiln has a large vent/peep hole which is closed using a spring assisted flap which houses our unique, anti-dust insulation pad which is taken from our larger fusing kiln models.
The vent/peep hole is angled so that the floor of the kiln and more importantly, your glass, can be seen.



undefined  Quartz "Infra-red" element system


The heating system is in the roof only and utilises the latest technology "infra-red" quartz tube heating elements. This method is extremely hard wearing and strong, yet in the event of an element failure the tubes are both easy and cheap to replace.
The elements are switched off when the lid is opened by an automatic safety switch.


The base section of the chamber is made from refractory brick. There is no retaining wall, just a flat base which we feel is important once kilns get to this size.

The metal work of the base is Stainless steel.
undefinedFlat loading floor with no recess

The pre-fitted control is the KRC16, which is detailed on the controls section of kilncare's web site. It has 16 programs, each having 9 segments. each segment consists of 1 x rate of climb, 1 x target temperature and 1 x dwell/hold.
Each one of the 16 KCR16 programs is pre-set with useful glass cycles for fusing and slumping float, Bullseye and Spectrum glass as well as a Bottle slumping program and a couple of stain cycles. If these programs are not as you would like them, simply alter them to your own preferences.
The KCR16 has its own temperature monitoring relay that will shut the kiln down in the event of an overfire situation.

The KCR16 gets its data from an ultra-fast response, stainless steel thermocouple meaning no lag between the kiln temperature and the KCR16s control.
The fact that the thermocouple is stainless steel means it is also resilient to accidental damage.


The Pro-fuser can be wired to a single phase, 30 amps supply or to a three phase and neutral, 10 amp supply. This is a unique feature for kilns of this size.


Kilncare build the Pro-fuser Stoke on Trent, so parts and service will never be an issue.



Pro-fuser Stand (Optional)




The Pro-fuser stand has two shelves, one for the kiln to sit on and one for your own use. It raises the kiln by 650mm to a comfortable height.
It is made of steel and is powder coated in our Ultra-marine blue.
The stand is supplied ready for assembly. Castors Extra £151.20

KCR16 and KCR16 Stand (Included)undefined

The KCR2 stand is punched ready to fit on the front leg of the Pro-fuser stand to make it one complete stand alone item. 


WxDxH (mm)

WxDxH (mm)

Pro-fuser 850 x 510 x 220 1250 x 810 x 540 6kW    240v/415v N  


 The kiln will arrive boxed, on a pallet.
The pallet dimensions are 104cm x 168cm.
The Pro-fuser weighs 110kg.


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