3mm Glass - Alchemy Clear Transparent Silver to Gold (1015-30)

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This Bullseye fusible glass sheet is double rolled and compatible with all other Bullseye 90coe glass.

This is part of the Alchemy series of styles that change the colour of silver foil fired in direct contact with the glass.

Cold Characteristics - The glass has a slight blue tint in the cold and fired form.

Working Notes - When it is fired the silver foil turns gold where it is in contact with the glass. The photo shows the silver foil uncapped on top of 1015 (left), and fired between Clear and 1015 with the 1015 used as the cap (right). The faint blue colour may be evident in fired works.

Expect variations in effects. Variations can result from different sources and thicknesses of silver, glass production runs and heatwork, which includes firing times, temperatures and multiple firings.

For colour development Bullseye recommend a 1 hour soak at 663°c in the pre-rapid heat section portion of a firing cycle.

Important: When firing silver foil in the kiln, be aware that the silver reaction can travel across the glass surface and onto the kiln shelf, potentially affecting silver-sensitive glasses in one or more subsequent firings. This can happen even when new shelf release (paper or primer) is applied to the kiln shelf. When fired between layers, silver is generally more contained and less likely to affect the firing surface.

Bullseye glass is a handmade product and colours may vary slightly between production runs. Some colours may change slightly upon repeated firing or with extensive heatwork. It is recommended that you test glasses before use under your specific firing conditions.


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