Copper Blue, White (2146-30)

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This Bullseye fusible streaky glass sheet is 3mm thick. Hand-rolled and controlled for mix consistency, with the unique patterning of true art glass. Suitable for fusing or cold applications. Compatible with all other Bullseye 90coe glass.

Important - The actual pattern and variation of colours will vary from the photo, the photo is a stock photo of a 50cm x 50cm piece. If you are buying a single 12cm x 12cm piece, this is only about 1/16th of the photo, therefore some cuts from the sheets may only have a very small selection of some of the colours.

Constituent Glasses:
Copper Blue Transparent (1246)
White Opal (01134)

Bullseye glass is a handmade product and colours may vary slightly between production runs. Some colours may change slightly upon repeated firing or with extensive heatwork. It is recommended that you test glasses before use under your specific firing conditions.

Working Notes

May develop a subtly rippled or wrinkled surface upon slumping. Cap with clear to obtain more uniform, smooth textures in slumped works.


clearcap vs texture

Texture (left) vs Clear cap (right) on 2146

After firing 2146 to a full fuse or hotter, remove used separator products such as Primer and Thinfire thoroughly to avoid possible contamination with sulfur-bearing glasses in a subsequent firing.

See notes for Copper Blue, 1246.

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